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Come and enjoy a wonderful dinner followed by an evening of co-op games, including Virtual Reality, Dance Dance Revolution, Video games, and Board Games! Whether you decide to go as a romantic date night or pal-entines, call the Clocktower and make your reservation now!

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We are hosting the Teen Gaming Club at the Staunton Public Library on the first Wednesday of each month from January through May! You can check out all the great photos and games on our Teen Gaming Club Photo Gallery.

2019 Spring Programs:

Our spring programs are provided through Staunton Parks and Recreation. Click any of the images below to register for that specific class. We like to keep our classes small so we can provide the best learning experience. Register now before classes fill up!

Brawlhalla is an epic 2-D platform fighting game where up to 8 players battle for supremacy. Characters are inspired by Norse Mythology with a wacky, cartoon twist! Come make friends, learn an exciting, fast-paced video game and earn your spot in the hallowed halls of Brawlhalla. Students will take exercise and strategic discussion breaks to get the most out of this experience!

Ages 11-16  2pm -3:30 pm, six Sundays beginning February 10.
Price: $90.

In this program, each student will learn basic programming and creative writing skills to make a story-rich, role-playing adventure video game using RPG Maker software. This educational eight-week course allows you to use your imagination to create the game of your dreams.

Ages 12-16 , 3:30pm-5 pm, eight Sundays beginning February 10.
Price: $120.

In this program, we will be guiding students through the video game Minecraft. Participants will play on a private server, free to create anything they can imagine! Each session, they will be encouraged to partake in massive group-builds. In April, when the course comes to an end, students will showcase their creations in celebration of Autism Awareness Month!

*This course is specifically designed for kids with ASD.

Ages 11-14,  6:30pm-8pm, eight Thursdays beginning February 21.
Price: $120.

Join us for a meet-and-greet information session to meet our instructors and find out if this class is a good fit for you and your child. 6:30pm-8pm February 5 at the Nelson St. Center.


In 2016 we raised $3,000 for the UVA Children’s Hospital by hosting three gaming events in Staunton, VA.

In April, Shenandoah Pizza let us host our first event, where we invited people to come show off their skills in some classic games. We had participants who could blaze through the original Mario Brothers Nintendo game, solve a Rubic’s Cube in 30 seconds, and earn impressively high scores in popular mobile games like Tiles and Flappy Bird.

For our second event, we invited people to join us in Staunton’s beautiful Gypsy Hill Park to play the widely popular mobile game: Pokemon Go. We put together a Pokemon Scavenger Hunt where participants ran around the park, taking selfies at various landmarks and catching cute little virtual critters!

At our third event, we went with a construction theme. We used everyone’s favorite, timeless toy: LEGOs, and the popular virtual world of Minecraft. Participants competed to show off their engineering and creativity, as well as building speed!

In April 2017, we partnered with our local CASA non-profit to help them raise money at their annual 5k Fun Run and Family Day at Gypsy Hill Park. Our team put together a “Superhero Training Facility” where participants used our games to strengthen their minds and bodies — preparing them for all of their future heroics!

In October 2017, we partnered with the Out of the Darkness Greater Augusta Walk to raise money for the American Foundation For Suicide Prevention.

we had awesome team-building games, Overcooked and G3 Minecraft game, including a Virtual Reality experience with our state-of-the-art HTC Vive!

In January of 2018 we hosted The Games Done Quick Viewing Party at the Visulite Cinema in downtown Staunton. We showcased the best and worst moments from the GDQ’s week-long twitch stream while raising money to benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

The Summer of 2018, we hosted our first ever Summer Camp which provided campers with life skills and allowed them to raise over $1500 for the Blueridge  Area CASA by hosting a Rockband Benefit Concert!

With an exercise bike as his controller, Tony Robertson will attempt to “run” a virtual marathon across the continent of Kalimdor in World of Warcraft. Tune in and donate to EXTRA LIFE which benefits the UVA Children’s Hospital. Your donation will affect his gameplay. Make him faster, slower or even sing songs from the little mermaid! Tony will be donating $1 for every mile that he bikes.

Remember Pac-Man but aren’t too sure about Fortnite? Tony Robertson of Greater Good Gaming presents his research for caregivers who are seeking a deeper understanding of video games, so you can make the best choices about why and when to play them.

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Come on down to Downtown 27 (the event space connected to Clocktower) for a night of charity, live-streams, and fun, featuring everybody’s favorite Italian Plumber! This event is for all ages and free to the public!

Let us know your coming!

None of this would be possible without the hard work and dedication of many passionate people who generously donate so much of their time and talent. Meet our team!

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