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Feature: Who is Professor Doctor Jones?

(…if that even is his real name)

We sent one of G3 Volunteers to interview him.


Hello everyone, Brandon Jones from Greater Good Gaming and


here to interview the infamous Professor Doctor Jones. He made his grand appearance at the CASA Superhero Event and since then everyone wants to know about him.

So for starters, what can you tell me about yourself?


what I CAN tell you about myself is that I’m not from around here. I’ve been an avid gamer for many many years and have dedicated my life to studying them and how they benefit us all.

There are rumors being spread that you are not a real professor, how do you respond?

My response? They are right, I’m not a professor. I’m a Professor Doctor! But I know where these foolish claims come from. They are jealous because my degree came from a cereal box. But do not fear, I am a certified Professor Doctor with the box tops to prove it!

If you are not a real doctor, what makes you qualified to study games?

With all the advancements we have in technology today, anyone can study games and their benefits. I just happen to study it more than others and seek to share my extensive knowledge with everyone…granted they let me study them as well.

What is your favorite thing about G3?

I love that they bring people


and that they spread the message that gaming has positive benefits. There are still those out there who view gaming in a negative light. But with our combined knowledge, and many more experiments with willing test subjects, we will change their outlook and
bring more people closer together.

If I may ask, what are your favorite types of games?

My favorite types are most certainly puzzle games. I adore Tetris and match-3 games that pit you against an opponent so you can test who has the bigger brain. I also enjoy playing co-operative games. I fare better in those games than in competitive games.


Interview provided by Brandon Jones.

Brandon Jones is a co-founder of G3 as well as a local author.  He volunteers as our social media manager and participates in event coordinating.
You can message him at g34charity@gmail.com